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Professional and affordable studio hire
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Our 2000sq.ft. studio is available for hire to both professional and amateur photographers and videographers.

Located a stone's throw from Little Germany on the top floor of one of Bradford's many 19th century woollen mills, the space oozes character, from the redbrick walls to the exposed beams above.


The studio boasts a huge infinity cove measuring 16 x 16 x 16ft, which can easily accommodate large groups of people, a changing/make up room, kitchen facilities (tea and coffee included), café area, male and female facilities, three comfy sofas for you or your clients to relax on and watch the shoot and off-street parking (subject to availability). 


There are windows running the length of the room, all fitted with black-out blinds. So whether you want a bright, naturally lit backdrop, or complete darkness - you can control all the light with our flash heads, it's ideal!


Equipment included in the hire cost includes: Elinchrom Skyport wireless trigger, 4 x Elinchrom BRX 500 flash heads,

4 x 26" square soft boxes, 5 x shoot-through brollies, 50cm wide beauty dish, barn doors, varying strength honeycombs, various coloured gels, reflectors (black, white, silver and gold), boom arm and light stands, tripods, large studio stand (ideal for shooting a large range of products from above) wind machine, 31" square light tent with interchangeable white, black, red and blue sheets, and a stereo with auxiliary lead input - so all you need to bring is your camera and MP3 player.




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