One to one studio photography course


We really do love shooting in the studio - being able to take full controll of your lighting opens up new dimensions of photographic opportunities. We thought its about time we shared some of our knowledge for you to join in the fun that is studio photography!

The course consists of two 60 minute modules - 

                     Part 1 - The teaching

                    In the first hour of the course we will be running through a range of subjects including:

                     - Setting up the studio

                    - Operation of the studio lighting system

                    - Attaching and using various light modifiers

                    - 1, 2, 3 and 4 light setups

                    - High & low key lighting

                    - Using reflectors to bounce light

                     - Changing the background colour with gel's

                    - Posing your subject to get the best results

                     Part 2 - Practical (the fun bit!!)

                     This is when you get to put what you have learned in the first hour into practice.

                    You will have free reign over the whole studio, with full access to all our lighting equipment,                                   backgrounds and props. We will still be in the studio at this point, able to assist and advise in any                         way we can.


- A basic understanding of how to use a DSLR camera

- Your own DSLR (we can hire out our camera for £10* per session)

- Memory cards - we recommend bringing a large memory card (8 to 16GB) as they do fill up quick!

- A friend, family member or model willing to pose for you

*please refer to our terms and conditions section 9(g).

All this for only £120!